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Making Art Sing: Values, Shape and Lines


Making Art Sing: Values, Shape and Lines

The registration price for this course is $48.00.  This course is instantly available you will have LIFETIME ACCESS* to the videos.

This course has over 5 hours of content.

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This course is being taught by Julie Johnson

Making art sing is finding a melody that is unique to each one of us in our art.    We all have our own voice.    It’s time to find the confidence in the gracefulness of your lines and notes of yummy moments that turn into our focal points along with the success of values.  

 We are not forgetting about the Key elements in art, without them we will lose the rhythm and movement that holds our daydreaming when we are making our art.   Finding a balance of notes, tones, and rhythm is what hold the viewer finding them daydreaming about what they are seeing making there own story. 

I have found wonderful and new techniques in my studio this fall.  We are not going to lose the basics of drawing. Learning the measuring is important in drawing.  But how about drawing on vellum and painting with drawing materials!  Really we use only a wet brush.  Fun and more fun!   Join me, as we get lost in learning about drawing.   I love to talk and explain my purpose for doing something as you watch from my shoulder.  Yes, you are that close up in seeing the marks and strokes I am making while I demo and video from a vertical easel.

We will be using simple materials in order to really see the form and study the movement of the head and body and street scene, hands, and intuitive drawing.  Most materials you probably already own, pencil, pen, stabilo marks-all pencil, charcoal, ink, gesso, eraser, paintbrush, q-tips, Art journal, Bristol paper.  Add a couple new materials; vellum (is a versatile 90lb multi-purpose paper, semi transparent using the tooth side we will use ink and charcoal) and inktense pencils (waterbased) and that is all we need to make art that sings with your voice!!!  Looking forward to hearing all the different tones as we study values.

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