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Nature's Canvas {painting faces on sticks, branches and driftwood}


Nature's Canvas {painting faces on sticks, branches and driftwood}

The price for this one week course is $29.00. This course is a self-study and you will have instant access to the content.  LIFETIME ACCESS* to the videos.

To register please click the +join in the upper right hand corner, pay and you will be instantly in the class.  All video content can be found along the right hand side of the page under "course content". 

This course is being taught by artist Tania Bain.

I love to take an early morning run through the forest with the wind whispering through the tall pine, old oak and yellowwood trees ... twigs snapping underfoot and the familiar, earthy smell of the forest. Nature in all its beauty can be a wonderful place to recharge, slow down and clear one's mind. You never know where or when a creative idea will bloom and take flight. 

I will take you on a creative journey like no other. 

This is a one week course on exploring nature's canvas and your imagination. We will be using fallen branches, twigs, pieces of dried wood and maybe even a leaf or two found in the forest or your garden and paint faces on them.

I will share with you my process of how I create my forest art pieces. I will show you how I draw and paint a very basic primitive face, a whimsical face and then a more realistic face ... using color, shadow and highlights to give shape, depth, character and charm to a face. 

You will learn how to prepare your nature's canvas ready for painting on and how to preserve and protect your art once finished. I usually place my painted pieces back in the forest or in my garden, so making them resistant to the elements is a very important final step.

You will be using a variety of mediums to create your masterpieces, including acrylic paint, watercolor crayons, charcoal pencil, colored pencils and pens. 

"Open up your creative mind to mother nature's canvas and find there are no limits to your imagination."

 *as long as we run this site

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