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Santos Cage Dolls (creating rustic beauty from paper, clay and wood}


Santos Cage Dolls (creating rustic beauty from paper, clay and wood}

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This class is taught by Jennifer Rizzo.

Create serene, rustic beauty from paper,clay and wood: The art of hand-sculpting and assembling Santos Cage dolls and other art dolls

Santos Cage dolls have gained popularity over the last few years. They have a serene, rustic beauty and sometimes almost eerie quality that has transformed them from use as religious icons in the 17th and 18th centuries to beautiful works of art. Each doll has it’s own personality and as you sculpt and create you will see your own style and beauty develop.

In this class, You will learn to make three different versions of Cage dolls. You will learn techniques in assembling armature, sculpting and painting faces, and using unconventional materials to make beautiful figural dolls.

Supply List Needed For The Course:

1 toilet paper roll2 packs 16 oz paper clay or 4 packs 8 oz

masking tape
1 spool black craft  wire
wire cutters
wire jewelry bent nose or straight pliers
3- 8inch mannequin dress forms can be found at Micheal's, creat4less or a limited supply in my shop
4-12 inch paint stir sticks
1 cardboard 12 inch cardboard cone for base
1 6 or 8 inch wood craft round or hat box for base
various acrylics paints including burnt umber, white, red, prussian blue
various brush sizes
mod podge or clear white glue
3 cardboard craft eggs (hobby lobby)
1 small square 1/4 inch dowel (about  12 inches  long for necks)
white craft glue
hot glue
paper towel
natural card stock

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