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Scribble Art

The registration price for this one week course is $48.  All videos are INSTANTLY available when you pay and you will have LIFETIME ACCESS* to the videos.

To register please click the +join in the upper right hand corner, pay and you will be instantly in the class.  All video content can be found along the right hand side of the page under "course content".

This course is being taught by Julie Johnson. Click HERE to see the course trailer.

What is Scribble Art? For me it was the journey of letting go and becoming loose in my art.  I will share my story of drawing and how I found this style and how you can incorporate it in your own work.

Don’t you want to know why a artist puts a line there?  My favorite learning times in art have been when someone answered those questions for me.  I am going to do the same for you.  

So what makes Art work? We will study each of the 3 key elements within our lessons on:

*warm up sketching
*continuous line drawing
*directional drawing the importance of the angle
*value sketching
*how to hold our tools
*fast and slow line work
*soft and hard edges
*the all important measuring within drawing
*why should I squint?
*focal point within my art
*letting the viewer finish some of the artwork for me
*how to paint with charcoal
*how to paint with drawing tools
*learn how to do a Grisaille painting with scribbles

Projects we will be working on:
(many of these projects we will do in more than one medium. )

drawing our art supplies
drawing from nature
drawing flowers
drawing animals
drawing from statues
work on 3/4 profile
drawing hands
drawing hair
drawing the figure
drawing emotion
drawing action
value drawing
painting a Grisaille painting


pencils HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B
Micron pens .005, .01, .02, .05, .08
Uni Ball white pen
Uni Ball black pen
Charcoal, willow charcoal, compressed charcoal,
General charcoal pencils 2B, 4B, 6B
PRIMO  charcoal pencils  3B, 5B
White charcoal
old filbert paintbrush to use with charcoal
Higgins Ink
Colored pencils; I love prismacolors they are smooth as butter on the paper. Varies colors.
acrylic paint; Heavy body “Golden” paynes grey
 Heavy body white acrylic paint
kneaded eraser
small chamois

*as long as we manage this site

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